Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wrist-Watch Cell Phone

Through the usage of bluetooth headsets, wrist watch phones are finally shrinking to a reasonable size. Well, not quite yet, but soon I am sure. These are still pretty big, but when you see the model at the end of the post, you’ll get a better idea about how smaller they are getting.The Cetc operate in GSM networks, has bluetooth support, built in FM radio, MP3 and MP4 players, headset jack, microphone and speaker. When, or if, they do remove the mic/speaker it must shrink to an even more suitable size.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ka-56 Portable Helicopter

In 1971 the Kamov Design Bureau was ordered to produce the new ultralight helicopter for military service. Sergei Fomin, Deputy Chief Designer, was ordered to lead this project.The special task for this helicopter was that it should have been transported in a cylindrical container of 500mm diameter. The reason was that the Navy wished to have an opportunity to pull the helicopter out of a submarine’s torpedo tube.

Another point was that the helicopter should have been assembled for flying in 15 minutes when unpacked from a container.Powerplant was 40hp air-cooled rotary engine which burned motor-car fuel The full-scaled mockup was built first in order to find better decisions in helicopter’s configuration: to make it compact and easy to assemble. The next step was to build the test platform which included the real engine, rotor system, transmission and controls.

The only parts which were detachable from the helicopter for transportation were 4 main rotor blades. All other parts were easily folded. The time to assemble the helicopter was only 10 minutes.Unfortunately Ka-56 wasn’t ever flown due to a lack of suitable rotary piston engine.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Aptera Super-MPG Electric Typ-1 gets 300 MPG

The Aptera Super-MPG Electric Typ-1 is quite a cool little number with its ability to achieve 300 miles to the gallon.That’s right, you heard me, 300 miles to the gallon. It must have something to do with its 3 wheels or something. There are two innovative models that are already pretty much production ready, and could be open as early as next year The Super-MPG Electric Typ-1 e has been field tested and is all electric. As for the Typ-1 h, that should be out by 2009. There is even a third model already in the works, with a four-wheeled design.It looks like some car of the future like some sci-fi movie of the past.You know, like that one in AI, if you even bothered to see that movie.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Diamond MOTOPURE H12 headset

Diamond MOTOPURE H12 headset is drenched with diamonds.

Whether you like it or no, bling is still the flavor of the season. Teaming with Amosu, Motorola has unveiled a hot diamond studded headset to beat the chill. World’s first diamond Bluetooth headset, Diamond MOTOPURE H12 is being offered in a limited edition of 100 pieces only. Made from 18K gold and 180 brilliant cut diamonds encrusted (total 3.47 carats), you can add the oomph factor to your ear with ease. It can be personalized to your taste by choosing from the white or yellow gold with the option of pink, white and black diamonds. Exclusively available from Selfridges in London and Manchester and Harvey Nicholls in London from 15th of December, the base model will sell for £4,000 ($8,200) while the fully-loaded headset will sell for £6,250 ($12,800).

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dell Lattitude is finally official.

Everybody heard about Dell’s-sexy-tablet-pc since 2005 (no, really) and the company promised it in 2007, which is almost over. Hey, Dell guys, we could start thinking, Lattitude was going to sell with Duke Nukem: Manhattan’s Project pack.

Here are those same good specs:

  • 12.1-inch WXGA (1280 x 800) in CCFL (”outdoor display,” up to 400cd/m2) and LED backlight options

  • Capacitive touchscreen with palm detection (supposed multi-touch), and active digitizer.

  • Intel Core 2 Solo or Duo ULV at 1.06 and 1.2GHz, respectively

  • ATI Radeon X1250 UMA Graphics

  • Up to 3GB memory, runs Vista Ultimate or Business

  • 40GB or 80GB 4200 RPM drive, 120GB 5400 RPM drive, or 32GB or 64GB SSD

  • HSDPA or EVDO rev A., 802.11a/b/g/n options, Bluetooth 2.0, and gigabit Ethernet connectivity

  • ExpressCard54 and SD slots, 1394, VGA, (3) USB 2.0

  • Scroll wheel, biometric reader, TPM 1.2, super low profile power adapter

  • Up to 5 hours battery life with standard 43WH pack, up to 9 hours with extended 45WH pack; Energy Star 4.0 compliant

  • 3.57 pounds (presumably without battery), 1-inch thick

  • Starts at $2500

$2500 for the basic option? A bit too much, no?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Samsung Digital Cameras

Two digital cameras for every pocket Samsung S760 and 780

Samsung is introducing two new cams that go into the budget category. The 7-megapixel S760 and the 8-megapixel S860. They both feature the 38-105mm-equivalent 3x lens, supported by the camera’s sensitivity-bumping, shutter-quickening digital image stabilization, face-detecting autofocus/auto-exposure mode and a variety of on-camera photo-editing options.

Samsung’s 7-megapixel S760 and the 8-megapixel S860 will sell for $170 and $180 since January 2008.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Nokia 6263

Nokia 3G 6263 handset is out now and it looks like a version of european 6267. It has 2.2-inch QVGA display though, as well as the same built-in Bluetooth, microSD card slot, FM radio, internet and music-playing packs. But theu have changed camera — it’s 1.3 mega pixels. not 2. Available at T-Mobile, ladies and gentlemen. Up to 3 hours of talk time, up to 11 days of standby time; measures 3.7 x 1.85 x 0.85 inches (WxHxD). Includes: USB cable, 512 card and 3.5mm headset adapter.


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