Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Launch of Palm Centro

Palm Centro hits the magical one million mark.
Palm's miniscule and wallet-friendly Centro has managed to reach one million units sold since its launch last September. It got its legs working as Sprint and AT&T's gateway smartphone at that fantastic $99 pricepoint, and now it's making a bid for world domination in major markets in Europe and Asia. The one million sales have it nipping at the heels of recent superstar smartphones, the two million plus HTC Touch and the four million plus iPhone, not bad company in the least.

If you've been feeling like you don't have enough Palm in your diet, maybe it's time to look into the Centro for AT&T. Not sure? Then perhaps our handy unboxing and hands-on could help cement your decision. Head on over to Engadget Mobile where it's all going down, big time.

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