Monday, August 25, 2008

Nokia 3610

Nokia 3610 Fold clamshell is a close but entry-level cousin to the 3555 and similar phones with a near-seamless back claimed to be more comfortable than on normal flip phones. It won’t take your breath away in terms of interesting features, but it does possess the kind of charm that warrants a second look.

A 1.3-megapixel camera and Bluetooth put it above previous budget phones that often strip out one or both features. A two-inch 240x320 resolution screen is found inside, while a 1.36-inch display provides basic call
info on the outside. File storage is handled by 30MB of built-in memory and can be expanded with microSD cards up to 4GB in size.

The 3610 is available in blue, red, rose and green, with pricing set at 125 Euros ($186) before carrier discounts. While a North American release has not yet been announced, the 3610 Fold supports 850MHz calling and basic data necessary in North America and is likely to appear in the region when it ships
sometime during the summer.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kingston DataTraveler 400 hits 16GB

Kingston has just released its 15GB DataTraveler 400 USB flash drive, and this model comes pre-loaded with MigoSync data synchronization software. You will be able to work with different computers simultaneously by directly synchronizing files, e-mail and Internet browser settings onto the drive. With 16GB of storage space, rest assured you won't run out of capacity anytime soon if all you deal with are regular office documents. Other features include the integrated SecureTraveler software that enables a Privacy Zone, where a password-protected area helps keep your data sae. Each $196 purchase is backed by a 5-year warranty and round the clock technical support.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sony Ericsson R300 Radio

Sony Ericsson R306 is the second model in the R series. It comes in clam shell form factor and has an interesting and unusual keyboard, something Sony Ericsson often puts in their flip phones. Compared to the R300, it has a slightly bigger display and a more powerful camera, but still runs on the same old software platform.

As for the design, R306 also has a stylized radio receiver on the back with all the additional buttons necessary for controlling it. The reflective cover does look good, but it’s very prone to finger marks. There’s also a small monochrome display that is enough for displaying station info or the number of the caller; it is visible in almost all lighting conditions.


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