Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Developing the BiCycle

Mexican industrial designer Victor M. Aleman (Victor M. Aleman) developed the concept of contemporary compact bicycle. On the idea, Urban Of bicycle in the folded state must economize much place in the apartment.

Bicycle consists of two folding systems wheel and frame. Bicycle rim consists of six connected together modules. Each module has dual fulcrum at junction; the curved arms are removed inside the casing, after which center is detached from the wheel. Then rim, with that folded inward by knitting needles, examines ordered pile.
The dual triangular structure of frame consists of the extensible modules, each of which is compressed to the smaller sizes. From the frame is removed front fork, control, chain, pedals and revolving mechanism. After this, the bicycle is packed into any box and is placed on the balcony.

Now to Victor 23 years and it places with its object of the invention of the things, which would make a peace best place for the life. Here here you can become acquainted with other undertakings of Victor. There, among other, there is a concept of bed transformera.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hours Of Sarpaneva Of Black Of Moon

Hours Of Sarpaneva Of korona K3 Of Black Moon first wrist watch for determining the invisible and mystical new moon. Hours are released by the limited series into 20 copies. Each copy of Black Moon by the book in the leather binding by the name of " Black is of the Of moon". The book contains verses and legends. to mystical temptress, who hunts the men in the period of new moon. It is worthwhile to note that precisely for this book, Sarpaneva was obtained the prestigious reward in field of the design Of red Of dot as the best accompanying design, created for the exclusive hours.


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