Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Noise Cancel Headphone | Sound Blocking Headphones

Noise cancel headphone reduce unwanted ambient sounds (i.e., acoustic noise) by means of active noise control (ANC). Essentially, this involves using a microphones, placed near the ear, and electronic circuitry which generates an "antinoise" sound wave with the opposite polarity of the sound wave arriving at the microphones. This results in destructive interference, which cancels out the noise within the enclosed volume of the headphones.

Noise cancellation headphones
makes it possible to enjoy music without raising the volume excessively. It can also help a passenger sleep in a noisy vehicle such as an airliner.

These headphones hush ambient noise by creating antinoise that obviates the noise at your ear. They don't eliminate noise, but the better models significantly reduce the whoosh of airplanes' air-conditioning systems. (They're somewhat less effective at quieting the background din on trains and buses.) Noise cancellation headphones come in all forms, from full size to earbuds. Since you no longer have to crank up the volume to overcome background noise, this type of headphones lets you listen at lower levels, which leads to reduced ear fatigue. You'll also hear more low-level detail in your music.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nikon Digital Cameras | Nikon Photography

Nikon has announced the D3X Cameras, its latest high-resolution professional DSLR. Sporting an imaging sensor with double the number of photography of the popular D3, the 24.5 megapixels digital cameras D3x includes similar features such as a 3.0", 920,000 dot LCD monitors with Live View, 51-point autofocus, EXPEED image processing and HDMI output. To keep up with the demands of stock photography the cameras produces 50MB 14-bit RAW files that can be processed to produce 140MB TIFFs. It also supports Nikon’s wireless system and is compatible with Nikon’s new GP-1 GPS unit.

“This is the cameras that many professional photographers have been waiting for,” said Robert Cristina, Manager Professional Products and NPS at Nikon Europe. “Just as the D3 has become the professionals’ cameras of choice in sports photography, the D3X’s extremely high imaging camera resolution will raise the bar for commercial, fashion and stock photography. The results speak for themselves this is without doubt our highest quality cameras to date.”

Images with the X Factor:

The D3X reaps the benefits of the very latest developments in sensor design and image processing technology. Designed to produce files suitable to meet the demands of tomorrow’s commercial and stock requirements, the cameras produces 50MB 14-bit NEF (Raw) files. Using Capture NX2 software, NEF files can be processed into medium format terrain; 140MB (16-bit TIFF-RGB). Fine details are reproduced with incredible clarity, whilst shadows and highlights contain tonal gradation with minimal clipping for pictures with a unique look and feel.

Main Features:

* Nikon FX-format CMOS image sensor with 24.5 effective Megapixels Digital Cameras.

* Exceptional noise control from ISO 100 to ISO 1600.

* Fast 14-bit A/D conversion incorporated onto the image sensor for high signal-to-noise ratio and low power consumption.

* Nikon’s EXPEED image-processing system, utilizing a supremely powerful CPU with 16-bit image processing.

* Near-instantaneous shutter release time lag of approx. 0.04 second (based on CIPA Guideline).

* 5-frames-per-second continuous shooting in FX format and 7 fps in DX crop mode (up to 130 frames).

* 51-point Multi-CAM3500FX autofocus system.

* Scene Recognition System for more accurate AF, AE, and AWB results.

* Active D-Lighting for complete control over highlight and shadow detail.

* Picture Control: Standard, Vivid, Neutral and Monochrome (Landscape, Portrait and D2x Modes I, II and III are available free via download).

* Live View mode for shooting handheld and with a tripod.

* High camera resolution (approx. 920k dots), 3-inch VGA-size LCD monitors with tempered glass.

* Durable, lightweight magnesium-alloy construction and comprehensive weather sealing against dust and moisture.

* Intelligent power management that lets you shoot up to approx. 4,400 frames on a single battery charge (based on CIPA Standards).

* Compatibility with the Nikon Total Imaging System in 12-bit A/D conversion mode.


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