Monday, April 6, 2009

Wristwatch Walkie Talkies | 2 Way Walkie Talkie

2 Way Walkie Talkie Watch is a lightweight, compact two-way communication device that can be used to stay connected up to 2.5 KM with family or friends at parks, shopping malls, concerts,virtually any indoor or outdoor activities. Putting aside the sleek design, the sound quality and long operating distance are so impressive, not to mention the low prices.


* Wristwatch Walkie Talkies style with adjustable band

* Featuring with wideband UHF(22 Channels)

* Frequency range: 462MHz-467MHz

* Output power: 0.35W

* Multi channels(Channels depend on different countries)

* Compatible with CTCSS(Continuous Tone Controlled)

* Operating range up to 2.5 KM

* Auto squelch level

* Auto battery saving

* Internal adjustable VOX(Voice Operated Transmit)

* Channel scan

* 12 Hour AM/PM wristwatch

* Backlit LCD display(For clear visibility even in the dark)

* Rechargeale Lithium-Ion battery power source, 3.7V, 0.3W

* Battery: 12 hours

* Weight: 18g


  1. its very nice to hear but let me know the cost ???

  2. let know the pruce please



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