Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wireless Ferrari 430 Scuderia Edition

Wireless Ferrari Of wireless GT Of cockpit of 430 Scuderia edition is intended for the use together with PlayStation 3 or PK, its battery is sufficient for 50 hours without the recharging. The control with a diameter of 28 cm exactly copies the control Of Ferrari of 430 Scuderia, is programmed and is supplied with internal storage.



The metallic pedals, which resemble the pedal of legendary bolides, with the pressure on them strengthen the impression of reality of proceeding. Complete set although well made, sufficiently bulky and weighs 10,5 kg, so that, possibly, before the purchase in the room it is necessary to make harvesting.


Ferrari wireless GT Of cockpit of 430 Scuderia Of edition will appear on the market in June on price $250.


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