Thursday, December 9, 2010

Killer of iPhone” from Acer

After a lapse of more than three years after the announcement of the original of iPhone the theme of the so called “killers” of this apparatus no longer is not so urgent. Acer its new on the base Of android, announced yesterday on the special measure in New York, it proved to be the actually unique solution on the basis of characteristics.



Company calls its creation uncompromising to 100% being appeared smartfone and to the same 100% by plane table. Large screen with the high resolution, I hope, the well studied telephone part, sufficiently compact overall sizes with the presence of 4,8 one inch display everything on the spot.


As the processor comes out the 1giga chip Of qualcomm Of snapdragon, although it is not entirely clear its what precisely model. In smartfone there are two cameras 8 mega pixels with the light emitting diode flash on the rear panel (auto focus, the record by HD video into 720p) and 2 mega pixels on the front.


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