Monday, March 10, 2008

Squba Amphibian Automobile

The Automobile- amphibian Automobile- amphibian SQUBA the Swiss company Rinspeed plans during March 2008 to present in motorshou in Geneva its new development - conceptual automobile- amphibian sQuba. Let us recall that this already similar type second machine, developed by this firm. The first amphibian was represented in the past year and even established new record, after swimming across the English Channel in one hour 33 minutes and 47 seconds. In contrast to the first model Rinspeed, amphibian sQuba is capable of being immersed under the water at the depth to ten it is meter. Also novelty has the built-in balloons with the compressed air, because of which the driver and passenger can breathe under water. On the water the automobile is moved with the aid of two propellers, located in the tail end of the body, and under water - because of the water-jet of engine mountings. For the trip on earth sQuba is used the electric motor, which sets to the motion rear wheels.

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