Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meridian Mobile launches Hummer in India

Meridian Mobile, a 100 per cent subsidiary of the UK-based handset maker Meridian, is expanding rapidly in India by developing a large offering under the Fly brand.The company has tied up with General Motor’s Hummer as a part of associational branding. French handset maker ModeLabs has carried over General Motor’s Hummer licence to mobile phones. Meridian is launching the HT1, a slider mobile phone model in the country. The phone like the Hummer vehicle is differentiated in style. Fly is the brand under which Meridian sells its mobile handsets.

Hummer by Fly will be marketed as an aspirational brand and is targeted at youngsters. Speaking about the tie-up Mr Rajiv Khanna, CEO, Meridian Mobile Pvt Ltd, said: “Hummer is an aspirational brand. This tie-up also indicates the highest level of workmanship in the brand. Fly began pan India distribution one year back. In the first year 2007, we will do 200,000 phones.”

Hummer, maker of big and tough super-SUVs, has lent its name to a somewhat smaller product with the announcement of the Hummer HT1 mobile phone. Crafted by first-time handset designers ModeLabs and modeled off the wheels and grille of Hummer vehicles, the HT1 slider handset features styling similar to the Motorola MOTORIZR line and is available in three Hummer-style colors. Specifications for a handset bearing the Hummer name could never be lightweight, with some solid features backing up the robust design. A 2.0MP camera features on the back of the device, partnered with a microSD memory expansion slot for storage of photos and MP3 music for the built in media player. USB and Bluetooth provide connectivity options for the Hummer HT1, with the device also capable of managing PIM data and email.

Pre-installed on the Hummer HT1 are 10 Hummer-themed wallpapers and two videos, and each handset will be bundled with two camouflage battery covers, insuring you can stay inconspicuous when trekking over enemy lines with the device. No details on pricing or regional availability are available at this time.

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