Monday, August 17, 2009

Outdoor Security Cameras | Outdoor Home Security Camera

The Outdoor Security Cameras includes all the components for a full featured, single camera system with a weatherproof, outdoor camera. Each Master System includes an Outdoor Camera, powerful Command Center Software, and Remote Viewing technology. Built using Universal Plug and Play (UPnP),automatically connects your cameras and PC.

In order to have an effective outdoor security cameras, there are certain elements that it should have. It should obviously be able to transmit clear images from the camera to the receiver in any lighting conditions, day or night. As well, it should be constructed to withstand all weather elements and temperature conditions. Additionally, your camera should let you know when it
detects something, so that you can quickly see what’s going on outside and then take appropriate action. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor camera to protect your home or your office, it has to be easy to use and deliver great results.

The High Power Wireless IP Outdoor USB Camera brings you all of those great features all light adaptability, weather resistant design, alarm notification features and much more. The High Power Wireless IP Outdoor USB Camera enhances your outdoor perimeter protection quickly, easily and effectively. Completely versatile and adaptable, this outdoor camera will give you and your family the peace of mind that they deserve.


• 2000 foot range between camera and receiver

• 2.4 GHz wireless weatherproof camera

• Direct connection to your TV/VCR or computer/laptop

• Alert feature sends email to computer or calls your phone line

• 430 lines of resolution

• 60 feet darkness viewing

• Works in all lighting situations

• Auto scan mode

• 4 camera sequencing

• Quad viewing software feature

• Motion activated recording, time activated recording features

• Instant still frame & update features

High Power Wireless IP Outdoor USB Camera Features:

• High Power Wireless IP Outdoor USB Camera

• Instructions

• 4 channel receiver

• RCA AV cable and AC adapter

• USB cable

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