Wednesday, November 23, 2011

JVC GC PX10 300 Frames Per Second

This video camera almost entire consists of large objective remaining housing appears even excessively thin. New JVC GC PX10 is capable of making 12 megapixel photographs and of removing video into Full HD at the speed to 60 frames per second.

The possibilities of high speed video consist in the survey in the permission of 640 kh, 480 at speed 300 frames per second. In the regime of photography it is possible to obtain 30 frames per second on 12 mega pixel and 60 to 8.

Pravda, a series of photographs in this case is limited by 130 personnel. With its 10 fold optics, 3 inch sensory display 32 by gigas byte of the built-in memory JVC GC PX10 will begin to be sold in the USA in this month on price $900.

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