Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Concept of 01 Phone from T3

Truly, looking at this perfect design, eye rests from the fact that we often see in the series models of the cell phones: pitiful petty bourgeoisie and the stupid marketing solutions. The concept of 01 Phone, developed by association T3, is the genuine people product, which were appeared as a result voting the readers of resource, who had complete freedom in the statements relative to that, such as they want to see ideal cell phone. After which work undertook “the gods of design”, and, looking at the presented-below photos, it is difficult not to agree with this [neskromnym] title.

The campaign, which began the association T3, can have by its sum an appearance of a device as the series product, in which basis became the living opinions of users. What zh, let us look, on that the gods are capable. And we immediately learn, that on the rear panel of device is located… one additional cell phone, the capable of working as the independent device, equipped with base functional. Its sizes do not exceed the dimensions of usual [fleshki], with exception of that nuance, that the housing its is flexible.

On the wrong side of [slaydernoy] keyboard it is possible to reveal the pair of wireless head sets; is also in the concept provided [stilus], which is completely differed from all existing analogs: it is developed in order to work with the sensory display, which supports multitouch, with it convenient it will be, for example, scale pictures with the survey of Internet- pages. Did not forget the authors, also, about the 5-[megapikselnoy] camera

One additional unique finding of concept is the self-adjusting contextual keyboard, truly surprising even for those, who saw on their to century not one concept of cell phone. Visualize the keyboard, which changes the
exterior view of keys in the dependence on that, in which regime the telephone works. In the play regime, for example, this there will be [geympad] with the green illumination of buttons, while in the regime GPS keys will be violet and oriented to the work with the navigation functions. That zh, we completely support the initiative of association T3 and we will attentively follow the course of further events, if the same, of course, follows.

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  1. Looking so beautiful i like it



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